What do these numbers mean? With the exception of emergency or provider-scheduled maintenance, any downtime exceeding these levels can guarantee you SLA credits from your service provider. These credits often incorporate reduced service fees. It is important to review and understand what your SLA guarantees as you contract for new services.

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Did you know that SLAs are a key part of your negotiations with potential service providers? As experts in these negotiations, GCN can help you:

  •  Understand the meanings of the key SLA terms
  •  Determine the SLA level that is a best fit for your business
  •  Develop an SLA credit plan
  •  Negotiate a Service Level Agreement that truly meets your unique business needs

SLA’s often cover additional metrics such as Latency, Packet Loss and more. Here, however, we are specifically addressing uptime and downtime:

  • Uptime is length of time that your network experiences uninterrupted service.
  • Downtime is the total time where your network service is down or otherwise interrupted.