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About IPR

IPR is constantly testing, certifying, and deploying new technologies to ensure that our clients’ solutions are scalable, secure, and redundant—providing reliability at 99.999 percent. Our clients engage us in long-term contracts so that they can focus on their core revenue-generating businesses. We handle the complexity and associated headaches of constantly changing IT infrastructure so our clients and their IT departments can focus their resources on critical business initiatives.

What You Need When You Want It

  • Colocation services
  • The ability to migrate to the cloud when you decide the time is right
  • Recovery cloud
  • Production cloud
  • Best-in-class facilities, hardware, cloud, and automation tools
  • Cloud recovery solutions that ensure your data is safe and recoverable when you need it
  • RPO & RTO according to your specifications
  • Dedicated or shared cloud solutions
  • Annual DR testing
  • Compliance with requirements across financial, healthcare, legal, and other industries
  • The ability to convert capital expense to operating expense
  • Access to experts in best-in-class data center environments, disaster recovery, and computing platforms