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At Cybraics, we believe that cyber-crime is the greatest threat in modern history. Every day hackers, terrorists, and nation states are looking for new ways to infiltrate and attack corporations around the world. And every day, they are finding ways around our defenses, costing corporations and consumers billions of dollars. The problem is the current security paradigm is flawed; it is based on companies learning from events that have already happened. This leads to a rate of learning that is far less than that of our adversaries. It forces us into a reactive position, rather than a proactive posture, and that leads to the well-known adage that criminals are always “one step ahead.” We believe that it is time to finally remove the “edge” our attackers have over us and to find a new approach to thwart their attacks. In order to fight our adversaries, we must increase our rate of learning. We must learn from them in a proactive way. We must learn from their actions, not their outcomes.