Last Updated on July 2, 2019

MicroCorp, a value-added distributor of cloud solutions, recently named Global Communication Networks, Inc. as the recipient of two top performance awards: Top Sales for 2014-2015, and Highest Billed Revenue for 2014-2015. Notably, this is the fifth consecutive year that GCN has earned these prestigious awards.

“One of the main pillars of Global Communication Networks is strategy,” says GCN Founder, CEO & President, Chris Palermo. “We have to know the carriers that present the best fit for our customers’ needs anywhere in the world.  With the massive growth of Cloud providers today, combined with all of the world’s current carriers and data center providers, no one company can have partnerships will all providers. GCN partnered with Microcorp over 8 years ago to help fill some of these gaps in coverage. We knew that Microcorp had negotiated iron clad agency agreements, and were among the most trustworthy Master Agencies in the business. Eight years later, we are very satisfied with our decision and are honored to be Microcorp’s largest partner for the 5th straight year.”

GCN would like to thank our team, our clients, and MicroCorp for making this award possible. Their partnership helps us to deliver the solutions that matter most—and that work the best—for each one of our customers.

microcorp's largest partner

About Global Communication Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Global Communication Networks, Inc. ( is a consultative technology agency that provides businesses with colocation, networking services, cloud computing, voice solutions, and project management services from over 150 partner providers globally. Working with small- to mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, GCN specializes in finding solutions for their clients’ most pressing domestic and international technology needs. With their diverse professional toolkit, they save their clients time and effort by efficiently managing the right service providers to leverage the best solutions at the most effective price.

About MicroCorp

MicroCorp is the premier value added distributor of a complete range of network and cloud solutions, giving you the support you need to be a trusted advisor to your customers. Our network of subject matter experts make sure that you can back each innovative telecommunications and cloud solution with confidence.


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