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Pompano Beach, FL – March 12, 2012 – Global Communication Networks, Inc. announces expansion of our advisory and sourcing services to include hosted PBX and on-premise VoIP telephony solutions.

Effectively relocating business offices is a time consuming and complicated task that involves ensuring that important office infrastructure, like telephone systems, are up and running on schedule with pre-existing telephone numbers in full operation.

One of GCN’s clients, a well known institutional financial broker that has been in business since the late 1970’s, faced some timing problems in late 2011 when they decided to move their offices from Manhattan to New Jersey. The company was looking for an upgraded, VoIP telephone system that would enable enhanced voice services for their new offices. However, their planning process allowed only a strict three week timeline to get everything implemented and operational.

Taking all the client’s solution needs and accelerated timeline into consideration, GCN was able to source the right solution out of a group of top-tier technology partners to initiate a successful and cost-effective project.  A well-regarded hosted PBX business partner successfully implemented the hosted PBX functionality, installed new programmed phones and ported over all telephone numbers to the new system, including the full trading desk and the president of the company, without any issues and within a two week timeframe.

This solution made their office move much less stressful by exceeding the aggressive timeline and was more cost-effective than investing in traditional voice services.  In addition to enhanced features, their new system also allows the company to scale as needed, adding remote extension-dial users as if they were sitting in the local office.

It has been nearly five months since the new services were implemented and they haven’t had a single issue and couldn’t be happier with the project, their new Polycom 335 and 450 phones, support and service.

About Global Communication Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1997 and privately held, Global Communication Networks, Inc. provides businesses, SMB to Fortune 500, with voice, data, cloud, colocation and managed data center services solutions from over 150 partner providers worldwide. GCN is a consultative technology advisory that has a broad and diverse toolkit of solutions that is utilized to meet the most challenging needs of their clients, domestically or anywhere in the world. GCN saves their clients time and effort by efficiently managing the right service providers to leverage the best solutions at the most effective price


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