Last Updated on July 2, 2019

GCN welcomes guest contributor Blake Wetzel, vice president, CenturyLink Channel Alliance

centurylink and global communication networks


GCN serves as a trusted advisor to CenturyLink as the company extends direct fiber network connectivity into more and more data centers where our customers do business. Most recently, the GCN team helped CenturyLink grow its relationship with data center operator CyrusOne. Read CenturyLink’s news release: CenturyLink fiber network backbone now connects to 12 CyrusOne data centers.

Why does CenturyLink value GCN?

GCN has strong relationships with many data center operators, and we’ve witnessed GCN helping these data centers eliminate the pain and guesswork they would typically experience developing and implementing a strong network connectivity strategy on their own. As a carrier-neutral and fully objective resource, GCN has a reputation for helping data center operators evaluate network connectivity options and select the carriers that best meet the needs of data centers and their customers. GCN’s guidance is an asset to data center companies that want to offer the best possible connectivity options yet do not have time and resources to become experts about carrier networks.

To be competitive in today’s digital economy, data center customers need a network provider that offers much more than just an Internet connection. An enterprise wants a network that seamlessly supports a hybrid IT strategy, or a network that delivers connectivity wherever an enterprise does business, including to multiple global office locations, to SaaS providers hosting important applications such as or Office 365, to its chosen Cloud platforms, to data centers used for colocation, to other IT services providers, to its most important customers or suppliers and more.

Because of the growing demand to connect directly to all of an enterprise’s business and IT resources, the CenturyLink data center interconnect initiative is a top priority. Today, CenturyLink’s fiber network backbone is directly connected to nearly 300 data centers, including more than 60 facilities where CenturyLink provides IT services, and to more than 40,000 multi-tenant unit office buildings.

CenturyLink operates a 250,000-route-mile U.S. fiber network and a 300,000-route-mile international transport network, and that network grows more relevant to enterprise customers as more data centers come on-net. As CenturyLink’s data center interconnect initiative grows, the company looks forward to continued collaboration with GCN.



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