DIA and IP Transit

GCN’s global partnerships ensure that you have access to Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and IP Transit service that is extremely fast, fully scalable, and completely reliable, all at the most competitive pricing. Our partners offer multiple bandwidth options from T-1’s to 100 Gig, with the highest level of performance to match individual business needs.


  • Connectivity – Tier 1 ISPs owning/operating a global network
  • Speed & Performance – Consistent 10GigE service from core to edge
  • Efficiency – Optimized network
  • Security – Unprecedented security and DDOS mitigation
  • Flexibility – Broad spectrum of access and billing options
  • Features – Seamless integration of emerging technologies
  • Service Level Agreement – Guaranteed up-times and throughputs
  • Converged & Complementary Services – Future-proof your network
  • Managed Router and CPE- Leased and Managed Networking gear
  • Remote Monitoring – Proactive, remote monitoring of your Networking performance

GCN has managed the installation of hundreds of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits, ranging from T-1’s and up. No matter where you do business in the world, GCN provides access to literally hundreds of providers and wholesalers around the world to ensure you have the most resilient, cost-effective, Global Internet solution available.

Internet Product Options

IP transit refers to the transmission of network traffic over a computer network, thereby granting end users access to the Internet.

Customer Type: Ethernet Internet access services are a great fit for high-end applications, including video-conferencing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Web Hosting.

Bandwidth Range: 1 Mbps – 100 Gig

Customer Type: OCn or SONET Internet access services are perfect for large enterprises, ISPs and other businesses that require protected, ultra high-speed connections to support high-volume network traffic and where Internet connectivity is critical to operations.

Bandwidth Range: 10 Mbps – 622 Mbps

Customer Type: T3 / DS3 Internet access services are best suited for businesses that require high-speed, high-capacity Internet access to support high bandwidth applications or have outgrown their T1 services.

Bandwidth Range: 6 Mbps – 45 Mbps

Customer Type: T1 / DS1 Internet access services are ideal for small and medium businesses requiring reliable, high-speed Internet access with dedicated Internet connectivity.

Bandwidth Range: 1.544 Mbps – 6 Mbps