About Global Communication Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Global Communication Networks, Inc. (GCN) began with a simple mission: to build better, more cost-effective technology solutions for our customers. Since our founding, we’ve grown to become a full scale Connectivity Integrator (CI), serving a wide array of clients in partnership with more than 250 technology vendors.

As a CI, we specialize in the design, procurement and implementation of integrated solutions for telecom, network, data center and cloud technologies with complimentary managed services. From our sales consultants to our in-house Project Management Office, our team of experts helps C-level executives, IT managers, and business owners source, build, and maintain robust technology solutions with the best products and services available in the industry. Our clients are in the business of building their companies. We’re in the business of building them world-class technology solutions.

We Build Better Solutions

One of the most important steps we take in building these solutions is getting to know our customers. We never force our clients to fit their unique business needs and visions into a pre-set solution. Instead, we customize technology solutions specifically for each and every client need. And, with the innovation and efficiency that is characteristic of a Connectivity Integrator, we identify all prospective providers who meet our customers’ requirements, competitively bid each location and product set individually, negotiate the best pricing, and present the qualified options for ultimate selection and approval. After contract signature, we project manage our customers’ implementation across all providers, providing a single point of interface. Post-implementation, we also provide a single point of customer service, with 24/7 support to field service inquiries or outage notifications and resolve service issues with the underlying providers.

Our core values:

Strategy: We strive for highly customized solutions and well-negotiated agreements.

Genuine: Our approach is authentic, sincere, and forthright.

Tenacity: We are more than determined to create the best possible technical solutions for your business.

Availability: We are always accessible and supportive.

Objectivity: We are unbiased and carrier-neutral.

Learn more about the GCN Team:

Chris Palermo

Kurt Walk

Larry Babb

Flexible, Scalable, Secure, and Within Budget

Like any true Connectivity Integrator, we are also provider-neutral, often combining diverse products from multiple providers to achieve best-in-class, highly economical solutions. Our 250+ technology partners are located all over the world. Each has a unique offering. We’ve worked with most of them for years. The depth of our experience allows us to quickly determine which vendors will be the best fit for each client’s individual needs.

And the end result is always a solution that is flexible, scalable, secure, and within budget.

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