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Zayo Group Technical Support


Network control center and repair:

866.236.2824 ncc@zayo.com

Services experts:

866.364.6033, option 4 serviceexperts@zayo.com

Cloud service desk:

855.528.4797 cloudsupport@zayo.com

About Zayo Group

Zayo Group is a leading data center hosting and managed services provider of critical infrastructure services delivered on a “state of the art,” robust, and environmentally friendly technology platform. By leveraging 4 data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle with access to massive and diverse network connectivity, Zayo delivers small, medium and large enterprise customers and service providers with high quality and uniquely agile, data center services. Zayo’s focus on aligning customer needs with the proper solution, combined with a relentless focus on service, provides the flexibility and peace of mind all businesses require from a data center provider.

Zayo Group are experts in delivering data center colocation, interconnection services, and managed infrastructure to customers across the enterprise.