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Simple, affordable, scalable, and reliable bandwidth solutions for private networks

Ethernet has become the industry standard for Local Area Networks (LAN) ethernet servicesas well as carrier-based Wide Area Networks (WAN) and offers multiple provider-based Layer 2 options. Ethernet gives the user the ability to add their own Layer 3 services and customizations such as VPN, QoS, Private IP Addressing and more. Ethernet service is standard across every provider world-wide, which allows multi-site and even multi-national organizations to easily integrate every location onto a single network.


GCN clients have access to these Ethernet service benefits:

  • Access a wide range of speeds with extensive bandwidth configurations.
    • FastE, GigE, and 10GigE interfaces
    • 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps in 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps increments
    • Jumbo Framing up to 9000 byte MTU
  • Choose from several Ethernet-based network options.
    • E-Line Service from 5Mb to 10GigE
    • VPN services supporting up to 10GigE
    • Ethernet Private Line services supporting up to 10GigE
    • Multiple Class-of-Service(CoS) queues
  • Benefit from our Partners’ ability to deliver Ethernet over a wide range of transport technologies.
    • Ethernet over VPLS: Layer 2, fully-meshed, any-to-any connectivity, flat-rate or usage-based billing, and CoS
    • E-Line: Core Network Protected private line built on a self-healing MPLS backbone.
    • Ethernet over SONET: Provides end-to-end protected fully transparent, dedicated bandwidth with full-rate or fractional-rate Ethernet speeds to support the most vital communications applications.
    • Ethernet over DWDM (Wavelengths): Available up to 10 GigE rates, an excellent solution for network backbones for content and service providers as well as enterprises