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When his company Global Communication Networks (GCN) landed on Inc. magazine’s annual list of the fastest growing U.S. firms for the second year in a row, founder Chris Palermo was quick to credit both his client customers and his team associates. “People buy from people,” he says. “It’s all about trust.”

Chris learned that lesson early in his career. It led him to win perennial sales awards during the seven years he served the complex needs of corporate customers while employed successively at Allnet Communications, AT&T and Cable & Wireless. But too often Chris couldn’t deliver complete solutions tailored to a customer’s particular situation. That is why he founded GCN in 1997.

Today GCN represents more than 150 service providers worldwide. It delivers extremely cost-effective voice, data, cloud, colocation and managed data services solutions anywhere in the world. Customers include leading Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Under Chris’s leadership, GCN has won numerous awards. Among them: Telx Channel Partner of the Year, 2011, 2012; several top sales awards from Level 3; nine-time Sprint President’s Club Winner; Intelisys Top Performance, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016; and MicroCorp Top Sales, 2011-2016. Chris has also sat on the advisory boards of Level 3, Global Crossing, Telx, Pacnet, Zayo, MicroCorp, QTS, Latisys, IPR, Millicorp, The Boca Raton Resort and Club, and The George Snow Scholarship Fund.

Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He combines his interest in triathlons and physical fitness with community-building activities. Chris rode his bike 170 miles raising more than $20,000 for cancer research in 2012, learned to dance for Boca’s Ballroom Battles raising over $39,000 for the George Snow Scholarship Fund in 2013, and completed the Florida Ironman as a Foundation athlete in November of 2014. GCN was also a proud sponsor of the 100 Black Men of South Florida Holiday Food Drive 2013, 2014. As a 1991 graduate of the University of Florida, Chris is an avid Gator fan.

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go it aloneOne entrepreneur who had to leave his existing employer because of potential conflicts before starting his new career is Chris Palermo. Today, Palermo’s enterprise, Global Communication Networks, Inc. (, is a substantial success and one of Sprint’s top five revenue producers in the nation. Palermo had a skill in selling and customer service, with experience as a global account manager at AT&T, and a district sales manager at Cable & Wireless. He saw the opportunity to develop a telecommunications agency in his home turf of South Florida because he believed that business customers were frustrated by the lack of good customer service, which he knew he could provide.  His approach to creating the business reflects a discipline that’s important for any go-it-alone initiative. He says: First, my wife was working and I had one substantial commission payment that I would still receive from my previous employer. My wife and I figured out our finances and determined that we could live for a year on her income and this final payment. We were very serious. I had a year to make it work or I was honor-bound to go back to a job in the corporate world. To start out, I worked every day with extraordinary discipline. I used what’s called the fifty-point system. Each day, you have to earn fifty points. A successful phone contact with someone at a business with whom you have never had any previous contact counts as one point. An appointment to meet with someone counts as ten points. Your day does not end until you have hit fifty points. It’s really sales 101, but as people progress, they forget the need for discipline, focus, and determination. I really think a major reason I succeeded was that I stuck to this very disciplined approach to generating new customers, and because it was my all-consuming focus.