RapidScale provides personalized Cloud Infrastructure services to its clients. Their aim is to be the most customer-oriented managed cloud services provider in the industry. To this end, RapidScale has been expanding its network globally as its clients’ demands dictate. The first expansion outside of the domestic United States took place in Hong Kong in 2016; the second expansion, this time in Amsterdam, is expected to launch in Q4 2016.

These global expansions have presented RapidScale with some unique opportunities and challenges. Specifically, RapidScale has clients with offices in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region who were looking to leverage RapidScale’s white glove cloud-based products and services for the rest of their global operations. RapidScale needed to scale quickly to meet its customers’ immediate and future global demands.

RapidScale required a Tier 3+, carrier-neutral data center with 24 x 7 x 365 reliable and knowledgeable on-site staff who have the experience and expertise to assist with hardware management, if necessary. The provider also needed a staff that is comfortable speaking English and working with a growing American technology company. In addition to the data center, RapidScale required multiple IP Transit Providers with good, local, low-latency routes: not just within Hong Kong, but also into China and the rest of the APAC region. The IP Transit Providers needed to be completely diverse from each other and have a strong Service Level Agreement for uptime.


RapidScale elected to engage Global Communication Networks (GCN) because of GCN’s expertise and experience with international data center and data network project deployments, specifically for Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

GCN engaged five data centers that met the minimum requirements for RapidScale’s data center needs in Hong Kong. GCN walked RapidScale through the positives and potential negatives of each company and their respective facilities. GCN’s research also included access to the IP Transit providers that would meet RapidScale’s current and future needs. Aside from the immediate requirements that RapidScale had given GCN, GCN also made sure to vet each data center provider for access to Cloud Exchanges, Peering Exchanges, and a Marketplace portal.


RapidScale quickly and confidently expanded its global capabilities to meet the demands of its clients with international needs. GCN’s experience and knowledge of the international markets enabled RapidScale to meet strict timelines, ensuring clients received the white-glove services they have come to expect. GCN fully managed the project from market research to Go-Live. GCN’s services included: Market Research, Provider Management, Contract Negotiation, Service Order Fulfillment, Project Management and Implementation, Inventory Management, and Account Management for the APAC and European regions. As a Connectivity Integrator (CI), GCN was also able to provide a wholesale Master Services Agreement (MSA) for network services which RapidScale would take advantage of, thereby simplifying the paperwork and legal process. This  allowed for the rapid onboarding of new providers for RapidScale and kept the project on track and was in addition to the Data Center Provider-specific MSA.

GCN’s Project Management Office was instrumental in ensuring a timely roll out of the service. Being in different time zones, it can be difficult to stay on top of international providers to ensure a smooth delivery. The GCN Project Management Office was staffed to handle the 12 hour time difference to make sure the project stayed on track. They also addressed the challenges that many U.S.-based companies face when dealing with international markets, and APAC in particular. To this effect, the Project Management of the RapidScale project included not only the installation of the cabinet and power circuits and the patch panel, but also the coordination of the shipping, receiving, and secure storage of equipment. This latter part in particular can be a challenge for many companies who must ship to Hong Kong and work through Customs. Working in coordination with GCN, RapidScale could rest assured that they had a partner to manage: 1) Access List set-up, 2) the coordination of Smart Hands, and 3) the availability of the data center tools required to rack and stack RapidScale’s equipment and many other aspects of the colocation implementation.

In addition, GCN oversaw the coordination and make-ready of the IP Transit providers so that RapidScale had the information on hand to quickly set up their networking gear for remote management. This also needed to include the coordination of the IP Transit Provider’s billing start date to coincide with the turn up of the colocation.

It’s normal for some problems to arise during test and turn up. Having GCN immediately available to manage escalations as problems arose, even as RapidScale had staff on-site, was critical in producing a successful turn up of the new solution. From start to finish, GCN and RapidScale were able to successfully launch a brand new Point of Presence (POP) to support the Cloud Infrastructure in less than six weeks.


About Global Communication Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Global Communication Networks, Inc. ( is a Connectivity Integrator that provides businesses with colocation, networking services, cloud computing, voice solutions, and project management services from over 150 partner providers globally. Working with small- to mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, GCN specializes in finding solutions for their clients’ most pressing domestic and international technology needs. With their diverse professional toolkit, they save their clients time and effort by efficiently managing the right service providers to leverage the best solutions at the most effective price.

About RapidScale

RapidScale, a managed cloud services provider, delivers world-class, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Its state-of-the-art managed CloudDesktop platform and market-leading cloud solutions are the reasons why RapidScale is the provider of choice for leading MSOs, VARs, MSPs, Providers and Master Agents throughout the United States. RapidScale is not only delivering a service but also innovating advanced solutions and applications for the cloud computing space. RapidScale’s innovative solutions include CloudServer, CloudDesktop, CloudOffice, CloudMail, CloudRecovery, CloudApps, and more.

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