For the past 28 years I had the opportunity to work for one of the global 500 companies in various executive IT telecom-internet-03positions. Most project conversations revolved around the same set of questions:

1. Is this the best provider of this technology?

2. Does the provider have the right product fit or do we have to modify it?

3. Have we negotiated the best price?

4. Is this the direction the rest of the industry is heading?

5. What will the actual value to the business be?

6. Will implementing this lower capex or opex?

If you are a decision maker in your company, I’m sure these questions are ones you deal with as well.

One of the other problems you most likely deal with is the myriad of vendors who all claim that they have the perfect product for your particular business need. This question always had the same answer: we have talked with several that we think are the best fit and here are the pros and cons of each solution. There were experts, like those from the top consulting firms or real estate firms, that did provide guidance to best fit, but none were on the hook through implementation, support, billing issues, etc.

What did I really want as a technology executive? I wanted a trusted expert who acted like an extension to my management team and was an expert in sourcing the right solution provider that solved my business problem. I wanted to know that I was getting the best price for the service I was buying and I wanted advice if I was headed in a direction contrary to the rest of the industry.

It was back in 2003 that I first became aware of GCN. As the skeptical executive, I tested their claim to find me better options and better pricing. And to my surprise, they delivered.

Fast forward 10 years, and I now find myself as part of the GCN value proposition. GCN has expanded their reach to more enterprise customers, truly globalized their approach and has strong relationships with over 150 IT vendors.

As a veteran executive from a global 500 company, I can attest that the GCN value proposition continues to deliver the best fit, strategically and tactically, at the best price.


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