What would you do if your laptop was stolen or something happened to your office to prevent you from having accesshosted in the cloud to it for an extended period of time? Either way, it could be a major impact on your business, not to mention the impact of someone else potentially having access to your sensitive and confidential business information (in the case of the stolen laptop).

One of the benefits of cloud computing is that you not only use applications and tools that are delivered from a geographically diverse, hardened and secure data center with built-in redundancy, but your business data would also safely reside there.

Ask these important questions

What if your businesses network failed? Do you have other ways to access the information it takes to get your job done? What if software or hardware problems disable you? Ever seen the dreaded blue screen indicating a potentially fatal hardware error? Most businesses try to perform regular data backups, but how often do you extensively test restoring your data? What about the applications? Do you know how long it takes to re-image a system? Too often, businesses make that awful discovery and find out the last backup wasn’t taken or recovery was never tested and it doesn’t work!

The bottom line is that we are all dependent upon our technology, but why not have a computing architecture that will enable you to use your applications and access your data in minutes even if one of these “occurrences” happens to you?

Are you prepared for a break-in and theft? What about a fire or a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake? You may have your business interruption insurance up to date, but if you are not quickly back in business, then you are quickly out of business!

Cloud computing and disaster recovery

Cloud computing creates an environment whereby you are not recovering from a disaster, but avoiding one. Working with the cloud typically only requires you have access to any internet connection – with any functional laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection you can “go to work.”

Virtually any type of computing you do now via a local networked server or right on your desktop can be delivered through cloud architecture. You can even set a cloud utility that will automatically and regularly backup to the cloud any computer files you have saved on your local system – with no interruption or impact to your day-to-day productivity.

You can have your email and phone systems in the cloud. The cloud is not only safer and more efficient when you really need it, but your costs for solutions will be more predictable and often more cost effective as well.

GCN provides businesses, SMB to Enterprise, with voice, data, cloud, colocation and data center services solutions from over 150 partner providers worldwide. Not as the typical telecommunications agency or reseller, but as their technology consultant. We determine and tailor the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs world-wide. We save our clients the time and trouble of managing one or more service providers and leverage the best solutions for them at the most cost effective price.

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